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Furnicom_3 Store Theme

Furnicom_3 Store Theme
Furnicom_3 Store Theme
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Furnicom - Opencart Theme

Video Overview


Responsive Multipurpose OpenCart Theme



The multi-purpose Opencart theme is built with new web technology: Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, LESS, CSS3, HTML5 that makes the theme more powerful and flexible.


color styles

Furnicom comes with 5 Preset Color Styles: Brown, Green, Blue, Red and Orange. You can also totally change your color by using c-Panel.


Fully Responsive

Furnicom is fully and looks delightful across different devices and screen layouts as well.


Mega Menu

With our Mega Menu, you can easy to create columns to display categories and products with description, price, image, video, effects… or even add links to any page, custom html with promotion banners.


One-click installation

Quickly import our sample data of page, slider, mega menu, module, theme options and other settings with a single click. Get a site look like a demo just in few minutes.


Quick View

It’s so convenient for customers to view quickly detail product on the Homepage, Listing page without leaving the current page.


Coundown timer

It enables you to show sales and promotions, upcoming events as well as for other different purposes.

Product Search

Let’s simplify the way you customer search product on your store by our Search Box. Your customer can easily find product according to category or child category or find what they are looking for by entering the product name or product description directly.


Multilingual & RTL Language

The OpenCart theme supports to work well with any language installed on your website, it enables you to translate your website to any language. Furnicom also supports right-to-left language (Arabic, Hebrew etc.).


Change Log

Full Feature List

  • Compatible with OpenCart 3, 2.3 & 2.2
  • Compatible with IE9+, Firefox 4+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5 and Chrome
  • Responsive layout for all devices
  • Allow to set site title, tagline, logo and Analytics ID
  • Support menu with Mega Menu
  • Boxed and Wide layouts
  • Cloud zoom option for product Images
  • Multiple Language support
  • Back to top button
  • 5 preset Color Styles: Brown, Green, Blue, Red and Orange
  • Fully integrated with Font Awesome Icon
  • Support to add custom CSS/JS
  • Social Networks integration
  • CSS3 table-less design
  • LESS for advanced development
  • Custom page: about us, contact us…
------------ VERSION - 1.2.0 for OpenCart 3: Release on April-20-2018 ------------  [UPDATE] Compatible with OpenCart 3  
------------ VERSION - 1.1.6: Release on July-11-2017 ------------  1. [THEME] Themeconfig support not well on Arabic  2. Mod search pro -> remove tab show header  3. soconfig.ocmod.xml Error add the version theme  4. update filte shoppy  5. Checkout Page on Mobile layout, the product name is long the price doesn't exist.  6. [Error Theme ] After installing, the original modules are not existing.  
------------ VERSION - 1.1.4: Release on Mar-03-2017 ------------  [+] Fixed : Check fix code HTTP / Module so_listing_tab  
------------ VERSION - 1.1.4: Release on Feb-22-2017 ------------  [+] Fixed: PHP Warning on PHP 7.0 version   [+] Fixed: error when move the cursor to the cross-over of menu and product image.  
------------ VERSION - 1.1.4: Release on Feb-18-2017 ------------  [+] Added So Social Login module allowing to login via social networks  [+] Defined $countdown_title in soconfig\countdown.php  [+] Fixed: Tooltip text remain when click add to cart/wishlist/compare  [+] Fixed: Setting So Themeconfig -> Product Zoom = off  [+] Fixed: Setting So Themeconfig -> Custom css and js = enable  [+] Fixed: Check fix code HTTP / Module so_listing_tab  [+] Fixed : Warning Invalid argument supplied for foreach soconfig/classes/soconfig.php  
------------ VERSION - 1.1.3: Release on Dec-30-2016 ------------  [+] Fixed bug: Error Quickview when enabling SEO function   
------------ VERSION - 1.1.2-Updated: Release on Dec-7-2016 ------------  [+] Fixed bug: Unable to remove product and category  [+] Fixed bug: Didn't set-up default value for label (new, sale)  [+] Fixed bug: Error when removing language  
------------ VERSION - 1.1.2-Updated: Release on Dec-1-2016 ------------  [+] Reoved config.php in the placeholder package  [+] Fixed bug: Error when installing Quickstart data  
------------ VERSION - 1.1.2: Release on Nov-18-2016 ------------  [+] Fixed bug: So Filter Shop By error when configuring enable SEO  [+] Fixed bug: Simple blog didn't display well when configuring enable SEO  [+] Fixed bug: Error when creating new article in the simple blog and product  [+] Fixed bug: Error So News Popup module  
------------ VERSION - 1.1.1: Release on Nov-8-2016 ------------  [+] Fixed bug: Warning error of module and theme when installing new language  [+] Fixed bug on the search page: Didn't show anything when clicking on Quickview button  
------------ VERSION - 1.1.0-Updated: Release on Oct-28-2016 ------------  [+] Fixed bug: Error when installing data  
------------ VERSION - 1.1.0: Release on Oct-26-2016 ------------  [+] Compatible with OpenCart 2.3.0  
------------ VERSION - 1.0.3: Release on Aug-22-2016 ------------  [+] Fixed bug on theme package: Permission denied when going to Extensions >> VQmod manager and Simple blog.  
------------ VERSION - 1.0.2: Release on Aug-2-2016 ------------  [+] Fixed bug Mega menu override breadcrumb (layout1)  [+] Fixed bug when changing layout and installing sample data  
------------ VERSION - 1.0.1: Release on Jul-25-2016 ------------  [+] Fixed bug of Ocmod  [+] Fixed bug of product detail page: Name of option was duplicated  [+] Fixed bug of product detail page: Click add to cart without selecting any option, it will show the duplicate notifications  [+] Fixed other small bugs  
------------ VERSION - 1.0.0: Release on Jul-22-2016 ------------  [+] Initial Release