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Module Report Opencart 3.0 Availability

Module Report Opencart 3.0 Availability
Module Report Opencart 3.0 Availability
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Opencart 3.0 module for automatic notifications of goods receipt for subscribed customers. When the product is out of stock - instead of the "Buy" button, the module adds its own "Notify on availability" button. Each client will be able to leave a request, and as soon as the quantity of goods in the warehouse is more than zero, they will all receive notifications that the goods are in stock and can be ordered.

In the admin panel, you can customize the notification letter template, as well as view all received applications.

Notify when goods arrive Opencart 3.0

Installation instructions
1. Load the module in the admin panel
2. Update modifications in the admin panel
3. Update the template cache
4. Enable and configure the "Notify about availability" module

03/26/2019 - The problem with the replacement of language variables on the standard pages of the site has been resolved.
10/02/2019 - compatibility with
10/03/2019 - added withdrawal of applications in the Control Panel
10/05/2019 - improved compatibility with templates
10/09/2019 - gray button + removed the trashcan icon on the button; the "not_available_product" class is added to the out of stock product block - now such products can be stylized, for example, make images black and white, etc.
12/15/2019 - the "envelope" icon instead of the "trash" icon on the "Report" button; added deletion of orders if the product is deleted on the site.
12/19/2019 - improved compatibility with templates
05/06/2020 - improved compatibility,