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Module Simplified order for Opencart 3.0

Module Simplified order for Opencart 3.0
Module Simplified order for Opencart 3.0
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A very powerful module to simplify the checkout form in Opencart 3.0 . It will help you make the checkout page compact and beautiful, and most importantly, convenient for customers, because the standard order form for Opencart 3 is very complex and multi-step, and there is no question of disabling certain unnecessary blocks or fields at all. With our "Simplified Order" module, you can customize the "checkout" page so that none of your customers leaves the race and leaves an order halfway through.

DEMO SITE    /    DEMO ADMINK  - login and password: checkout

The Simplified Checkout Module for Opencart 3.0 replaces the standard checkout page layout and makes it one-page with one-, two- or three-column layout or with its own option for placing blocks on the page, as well as adaptive design for different display sizes.

Module features:

- placing an order on one page
- disabling any fields
- disabling delivery and payment
- visual movement of blocks - drag & drop
- changing the width of columns
- icons for payment and delivery methods
- minimum order amount
- field for specifying the desired date and time of delivery
- question to the buyer in ordering
- ajax-page refresh
- responsive design (bootstrap)
- Russian and English translations are available

Why our module is better than others:

- works with any templates
- no domain binding - can be used on all your sites without restrictions
- open source - you can be sure that the code
is clean - there are additional functions: a question to the client and a delivery date
- the module will be constantly developed by our team and adapted to future new versions of Opencart 3.x

Installing the module:

1. Download the module through the site admin panel (in the Modules> Install modules section)
2. Update the modifier cache (in the Modules> Modifiers section)
3. Go to Modules> Modules, enable "Simplified order"
4. Configure the module, everything is clearly organized there, there are hints.

Our module works with the New Mail delivery modules :
- New Mail API
- New Mail with calculator + branches
For this, we have special add-ons for compatibility, they can be obtained free of charge by customers upon request to our technical support.

The module  does not work  correctly on the Materialize template  Do not buy a module for this template, in this case we don’t make a return, read this description before buying!

If you have a template from the ZEMEZ developer  , for example  Storeflex  or  Jetimpex  or another - we have instructions for adapting the module for them, we can provide it to you or we ourselves adapt the module for these templates upon request to technical support.

Custom Quick Checkout for Opencart 3.0

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Log of changes:
03.11.2017 - v.1.1:
- added a visual editor for the checkout page; 
- added control of checkbox conditions.
12/14/2017 - v.1.2: fixed problem with client authorization in the module.
17.12.2017  - v.1.3:
- added CNC support;
- own layout;
- the ability to skip the page "Cart";
- dependence of payment methods on delivery methods;
- product quantity switch;
- the ability to enable forced connection of Bootstrap styles (for templates that do not use it);
- fixed the problem with including the shipping cost in the total cost of the order.
02/03/2018- v.1.3.1: fixed minor problems with the shopping cart
02/08/2018 - v.1.4: messages about a shortage of goods in stock, minimum order amount, minimum order quantity are now displayed directly on the checkout page.
02/12/2018 - v.1.5: added the ability to hide the "Delivery address" block in the order form.
17/02/2018 - v.1.5.1: fixed minor issues related to the quantity of goods in a basket, and the removal of the goods
4/11/2018  - v.1.5.2: Fixed bug with custom fields Opencart
2/5/2018 - v.1.6: added the ability to communicate with the modules Captcha checks
06/09/2018 - v.1.7: added display of the "phone" field in the new address for registered customers.
07/13/2018 - v.1.8: problems with the transfer of the phone number in the order are solved (this problem occurred only in certain cases)
10/04/2018 - v.1.9: problems with the output of custom fields in the form of checkbox, radio, select are solved.
12/09/2018 - some problems resolved
12/19/2018 - some improvements were added so that errors in certain situations would not be shown on the front-end.
12/24/2018 - The problem with blocking the checkout button when an order is allowed when there is a shortage of goods in the warehouse has been resolved.
01/28/2019 - v.2.0:
- fixed problems with displaying the comment field and questions when the "delivery methods" block is disabled
- improvements in terms of the universality of the module
02/25/2019- v.2.1: fixed problems when placing an order: the module demanded to agree to the terms when the "conditions" field was turned off, the problem with updating delivery methods when adding a new address.
04/25/2019 - minor improvements (extra parentheses, not closed tags).
06/05/2019 - de-activation of the "Checkout" button when the order amount is less than the minimum.
08/08/2019 - fixed errors when using jQuery 3.
08/13/2019 - fixed problems in the operation of the "Delivery address" block
08/18/2019 - filling in the address fields from the profile data of a registered new client
08/19/2019 - fixed a bug when buying a coupon on
08/21/2019- v.2.2: removed an extra confirmation step when a client registers when placing an order on
12/11/2019 - fixed a bug, the values ​​of the "Country" and "Region" fields were not copied to the "Delivery address" block from the "Client address" when the checkbox was removed My delivery address matches the address of the customer "
29/01/2020 - improved compatibility
31/01/2020 - updating the basket after manually entering the number of the product
29.2.2020 - v.2.2.1: Fixed styles of baskets in a mobile version; added translation into Ukrainian on
03/16/2020 - added display of order weight if this option is enabled in store settings
04/26/2020 - multilingual support in the calendar and dates
04/27/2020 - v.2.3: the fields of the delivery address are hidden when the standard delivery method "Pickup" is selected.
05/11/2020 - improved compatibility
05/28/2020 - fix, update of delivery methods when changing the address in the "Client data" block.
06/24/2020 - fix, problems with the "Delivery address" block were solved.
07/24/2020 - fix, unlock the "Checkout" button after deleting an item that is out of stock; the principle of manual entry of the quantity of goods in the basket has been changed - the quantity is updated now after clicking outside the field.
10/16/2020- resolved problems with mandatory address fields when choosing the delivery "Pickup", as well as the requirement to agree with the conditions when it has already been fulfilled; fixed the problem with redirecting to a new checkout page.
11/25/2020 - added the ability to update the list of delivery methods when choosing a payment method, for this you need to enable the "Update cart and delivery methods" option in the "Payment methods" tab. Also, the problem with the dependence of payment methods on delivery methods, which arose among authorized customers, was solved.

Attention! After updating the module on your site, be sure to update the twig template cache. To do this, on the main page of the admin panel, you need to click the "gear" at the top right and then click the "Refresh template cache" button.