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Opencart 3.0 Form Designer

Opencart 3.0 Form Designer
Opencart 3.0 Form Designer
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The module for creating forms on Opencart 3.0 is a powerful tool for communicating with customers. You can create as many different forms as you want, publish them on the pages of your site, receive letters in the admin panel and e-mail. This form builder will allow you to implement a call order, feedback, receiving applications, filling out questionnaires, etc.

Module characteristics:
- two design options: an expanded form or a button with a form in a pop-up window;
- the ability to embed the form anywhere, not just in the standard site positions;
- support for text, textarea, select, radio, checkbox, date fields;
- viewing messages in the admin panel with the ability to set the status;
- viewing the source page for submitting the form;
- each form can set its own email message recipient
- multilingual.

Installing the module:
1. Install the localcopy fix (if you have not already installed it)
2. Download the archive of the module through the admin panel of your site (ocmod)
3. Update the modifications
4. Enable the "Form Designer" module for Opencart 3.0
5. Create forms in the module ...
6. Display the forms through the Design> Layouts section in the site position or use the code to embed the form in non-standard positions
. 7. The "Messages" section should appear in the main admin menu, where letters received from the forms on the site will be displayed.

06/01/2018 - the problem with sending emails via SMTP
was solved 10/01/2019 - the problem with sending the form when PHP 7 is used on the server (the form was not closed, the letter was sent without the entered data)
05/30/2019 - the name of the form was added to the email- letter
06/22/2020 - increased the allowable text length in the textarea field

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