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Opencart 3.0 Product Manager Module

Opencart 3.0 Product Manager Module
Opencart 3.0 Product Manager Module
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Advanced product manager module in Opencart 3.0 with the ability to quickly edit almost any product parameters. This module must be installed in every online store, because it saves a lot of time for the site administrator. 

You can customize the product list page for yourself - add any product parameter to the table. You can also enable editing a product in the popup window, quickly adding a product to the Featured module, editing promotions and discounts directly from the list of products.

Quick editing of products Opencart 3.0

The module is very convenient for editing products right on the list page - the changed data is instantly saved using ajax, all without unnecessary clicks. You can add the following product parameters to the table, with the ability to quickly edit: ID, Image, Name, Model, Category, Manufacturer, Price, Prices on the site, Quantity, Status, Subtraction from warehouse, Order, SKU, UPC, Location, Date of receipt , SEO URL, Weight, Unit of Weight, Tax Class, Stock Status, Dimensions, Unit of Sizes, Meta Title, Featured Product, EAN, JAN, MPN, ISBN, Discounts, Promotions.
You can also quickly sort or find products by different parameters in the admin panel.

Installing the module:
1. You must have the Localcopy module installed
2. In the "Installing modules" section, download the module archive
3. Update Modifications
4. In the System> Users> User groups> Administrators section, set all the checkboxes (grant rights)
5. In the section A new item
in the Product Manager menu should appear in the catalog. 6. Go to Catalog> Product Manager, click the yellow button at the top right and put the checkboxes next to the desired product parameters.

DEMO - login / password: product

Changes log:
02/27/2018 - minor bugs fixed
03/30/2018 - added a redirect to the "Product Manager" after saving the item on
11/18/2018 - corrected the work of page navigation
12/12/2018 - corrected the work of filters
02/15/2019 - solved the problem with saving the SEO URL
04.03 .2019 - the problem with forced redirection to the "Product Manager" was solved, even if the "Remove auto-redirect" option was enabled
03/22/2019 - the problem with resetting the selected language when navigating through the pages was resolved
11/16/2019 - the problem with the filter by the MPN, JAN fields, ISBN; fixed error "Undefined variable: featured"
12/11/2019- returned the redirect to the product manager after editing.
07/13/2020 - fix problems with select size