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Photo and video gallery module for Opencart 3.0

Photo and video gallery module for Opencart 3.0
Photo and video gallery module for Opencart 3.0
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Module for creating photo and video galleries on Opencart 3.0. It will help you present your portfolio to clients in the form of photo albums or videos on separate pages on the site.

Module features:
- unlimited number of photo albums and videos;
- Simultaneous selection of multiple photos to an album, loading all photos from a folder;
- inserting videos from Youtube and Vimeo;
- gallery design settings in the admin area;
- separate pages of the Photo Gallery and Video Gallery;
- enlargement of the photo by clicking, flipping, caption for each photo;
- text description for each photo, album, video;
- adding links to pages in the main menu of the site (this function is guaranteed for the default template);
- SEO URL and SEO PRO support;
- add pages to HTML and XML sitemap automatically.

Photo Gallery Module for Opencart 3.0

This is the ability to create any number of photo albums with photos and display them on separate pages or as a module on existing pages. Each photo album will have its own page, where there will be a tile of photos with the ability to enlarge them by clicking, as well as a description for the album. Album page view can be changed in the module settings.

Video Gallery Module for Opencart 3.0

You will be able to create a page with videos from Youtube and Vimeo. Each video will also have its own separate page, where you can tell more about it in the description under the video. The size of the preview in the video gallery can be set in the module admin panel.

Installing the module:
1. Install the Localcopy fix-module according to the instructions
2. Download the module in the Installing modules section
3. Update modifications in the admin
panel 4. Give rights to manage the module to the Administrators user group. To do this, open the System> Users> User groups> Administrators> set all the checkboxes section.
5. Switch on the "Gallery" module.
6. Go to Gallery> Settings, save settings.
7. Add photo albums or videos on the corresponding pages of the Gallery section (by analogy with adding a product). If you have CNC enabled, the gallery pages will be available via the links:

  • photo gallery: http: // site / photogallery
  • video gallery: http: // site / videogallery

(the address of these pages can be changed to your own in the Design> SEO menu or in the database)
If CNC is not used on your site (by default), then these pages will be accessible at these addresses:

  • photo gallery: http: //site/index.php? route = gallery / album
  • video gallery: http: //site/index.php? route = gallery / video

8. If you need to display photo albums or videos on certain pages - use the modules "Gallery: Recommended photo albums" and "Gallery: Recommended videos"

Log of changes:
07/31/2019 - the problem of duplicate layouts and SEO URLs
was solved 12/08/2019 - the problem of resetting the module settings
11/09/2020 was fixed - the page navigation in the list of albums and videos in the admin panel was fixed

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