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Social Media Authorization for Opencart 3

Social Media Authorization for Opencart 3
Social Media Authorization for Opencart 3
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Module for registration and authorization of buyers via social networks on Opencart 3.0.

Now your customers will be able to quickly and conveniently log in to the site as a buyer through popular social networks:

  • In contact with
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Odnoklassniki (only for sites on https)

Buttons for clients to enter via social networks will be added to the authorization and registration pages, it is also possible to display the module on any pages of the site in a position or in a pop-up window.

After authorization through the social network, it is possible to request additional data from the client that was not received, for example, phone number, address, etc.

In order to set up authorization, you will have to register API applications in each of the social networks and receive keys that must be registered in the module admin panel. Instructions for registering applications are available in the module settings for each social network.


Instructions for installing the module
1. You must have the Localcopy fix installed
2. Download the archive of the module through the admin panel in the Install modules section
3. Click the Update button in the Modifications section
4. Go to the modules, enable "Authorization via social networks"
5. Edit the module, enable necessary authorization methods and register API keys of previously registered applications.

02/21/2018 - changes were made to authorization via VK in connection with new API requirements (EMPTY ID error appears)
03/28/2018 - the template of the letter for the client about registration has been corrected, the admin notification about the registration of a new client has been added.
05/03/2018 - the module is adapted to the new Facebook requirement (there was an error "Undefined index: link ..." when registering via Facebook).
05/22/2018 - the problem with authorization from the Simple registration page was solved.
06/12/2018 - problems with the authorization of existing customers (existing email) through another social network were solved; removed the "text_services" variable in the letter to the client.
11/15/2018 - added compatibility with the moduleCustom Quick Checkout
11/30/2018 - resolved problems with authorization through Odnoklassniki
12/09/2018 - solved problems with the styles of the data collection window on mobile screens
06/05/2019 - changes in the work of authorization through VK
09/14/2019 - solved the problem with the merging of accounts when email matches; updated instructions for creating API applications on
05/20/2020 - corrected the styles of the data selection window in the mobile version.
08/18/2020 - improved compatibility with templates
11/09/2020 - added the output of authorization buttons via social networks to the authorization popup window in templates from OCTemplates (OCT).