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True File Manager by sitecreator

True File Manager by sitecreator
True File Manager by sitecreator
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Convenient image manager.
Now working with Opencart, OcStore 3.0 also
Replaces the standard file manager.

Compatible with engine text editors:
CKEdit (for ocstore 2. * so far, since this editor is already present in ocstore distributions)
Summer Note

Allows you to batch upload multiple files at once.

Simplifies downloading by simply dragging and dropping files and entire folders with files, and even archives with files (drag & drop).

Built on elFinder.

It does not cut images in thumbnails, so you can always easily recognize them.

You can (only a part of the possibilities are listed)
rotate your sources and
change their sizes,
do cropping
do a quick look at the source in a convenient size, and not just like a thumbnail
quickly search by file name (just enter a part of the file name, see the video below)
you can drag not only several files from your computer at once, but also a whole folder with files
after dragging and dropping The file in the manager focus is transferred to this file,
i.e. it is not lost visually among other files, and therefore it is easy to
immediately add to the product.
the current folder is remembered, the next time the manager opens on the folder that you left, you
can download the archive with images by simple drag and drop and unzip it in one click from the manager,

And much more, which greatly simplifies the work with images.

The great advantage of this module is that it works in
a javascript isolated environment with its own versions of jQuery + jQuery UI
, and therefore is compatible with any version of jQuery
and / or jQuery UI used on your site This ensures almost perfect compatibility and conflict-free with any existing JS scripts on your site.

A lot of plans for the development of this module.
From the planned: the

ability to resize the source files to a certain size immediately when
downloading. Lovers of uploading "heavy" files (for example,
4000 * 3000 images) directly from cameras will appreciate this .
realization of any of your wishes for working with graphic files. The

license is for one domain and all its subdomains.
PHP support: from php 5.6 and higher

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